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Naz Alibagi

Available for Face-to-Face Readings within Selfridges and Remote Readings

Naz Alibagi

  • Specialises in: Intuitive Counseling, Crystal Ball, Tarot Cards

Thirty Minute Reading: £80 One Hour Reading: £150

All readings are available in person and via Video call or Telephone.

Face to face & remote readings: Tuesday - Thursday - Saturday

Naz has been reading tarot cards for many years combining the messages from her cards, crystal healing and spiritual life coaching techniques, to help clients fulfil their dreams.

Naz strengthens confidence and self-understanding to help you overcome problems in your life. Naz removes emotional blocks, or negative experiences from the past releasing negative energy, allowing you to look forward and make room for positive experiences.

As well as being the former deputy editor of the monthly spiritual magazine, ‘Soul & Spirit’, Naz currently writes for a range of the country’s leading mind, body, spirit publications, and has worked with many of the world’s leading psychics, mediums, angel experts and spiritual teachers. She is also the author of Crystal Clear


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