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Jayne Wallace, is an internationally acclaimed clairvoyant and the owner and driving force behind her world-renowned company ‘Psychic Sisters’. Jayne has been a naturally gifted clairvoyant since the age of seven, and has consistently studied across the world, continuously honing her craft in becoming one of the world's most respected psychics.

Jayne is also an established author with her publications My Psychic Stories, 44 Ways to Talk to Your Angels and My Psychic Casebook. Jayne has collaborated and designed her own tarot decks; Oceanic Tarot, The Angel Tarot, The Crystal Power Tarot, Nordic Tarot - All available on Amazon or via our online shop.

Jayne's experience
Jayne has worked with some amazing people including Kim Kardashian , Kylie Jenner, Kate Hudson and Lezley Mann. She was also interviewed by the esteemed chat show host - Larry King, having described her as "an honour to work with". Having featured regularly in both national and international publications such as The Sun, Mirror, OK Magazine, Marie Claire and the New York Times to name a few. Jayne also writes a monthly column for Fate & Fortune Magazines.

Psychic Sisters experience
When Psychic Sisters opened in Selfridges, London more than 16 years ago, it was the first of its kind in the world, and remains so to this day! Since then, Jayne has recruited a number of skilled readers to join her.
The team specialises in corporate and media events, and has worked with many brands including: Tracey Emin; Jimmy Choo; Bourque Makeup and Charlotte Tilbury Makeup. For more information or to arrange corporate or media events, please email:

All available on Amazon or via our online shop.

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